Your Personal Chef Journey Starts Now

An online program that will teach you how to start and run an exciting, successful business


Welcome to PCN! 

The Personal Chef Network is a nationwide group of independent Personal Chefs.  The Personal Chef industry is in growing demand across the country.  Personal chefs once considered a luxury are now thought of as a cost-effective way for professionals and families to incorporate customized healthy meals in the comfort of their own homes. 

This “in the trenches” program was developed by Chef Donna G., PCN creator, and a current working Personal Chef, who understands firsthand the challenges you will face starting and growing your own Personal Chef Business.   It is a compilation of practices obtained from trial and error experiences, which is what makes the Network different from other programs in the field. 

This program is designed for individuals with a passion and love for cooking.   Someone who wants to be part of a group and supported by other successful chefs.  Becoming a member of the network gives you an outreach to a community of chefs which are working through similar day to day situations. 

The Network is an opportunity for many people with various backgrounds and objectives, such as, stay at home parent that needs a particular schedule, someone that is tired of being stuck in an office or on a computer all day, someone that doesn’t want to work the long hours, holidays and weekends which restaurants and retail positions demand, someone who enjoys working independently, someone seeking to help others live a healthier lifestyle.  You do not need a culinary degree, years of restaurant experience or business experience to do this, but know that owning and running your own business is not easy it takes fortitude, determination, self-discipline, and the network will be here to help you every step of the way.    

I was so excited about the opportunity to become a certified professional chef I jumped at the chance to take this course. Working through the curriculum was fun and inspiring. The guide book is beautiful and well thought out. Chef Donna was quick to answer any questions I had and you can tell she had spent a great deal of time putting the course together. I loved that each step was clearly outlined to start your own business. I’m excited to start my personal chef journey and continue to work with PCN.
— Kelly B

Learn from Chef Donna G., trained chef and entrepreneur

People ask me all the time how I did it, where they should start, what they should do, and how they can do what I did.  I quickly realized that there is no handbook, and I thought back to the sharp learning curve I worked with when I started this journey.  It was a tough road, which could have been so much easier with someone to answer my questions and guide me when I wasn’t sure about the next step.

So I decided to write a guide.






No formal chef training is required to participate in the training program or the network membership.  Learn everything you need to know to start your own Personal Chef business.